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My name is Jodi Harvey, MA, QMHP, Owner/Operator. 

I created COEXISTUS to help you out.  

COEXISTUS can help you co-exist with the most important people in your life.  Challenges inevitably arise.  How you handle them doesn't just affect you.  We impact the people around us, and they impact us.  

I'm here to help you improve your current situation and prevent future problems as you work through challenging situations and life transitions with those you care about.

What issues are addressed?

Life Challenges

My clients have utilized our services to more effectively deal with life challenges that include: 

Life Transitions

My clients have sought assistance with life transitions that include:

How are these issues addressed?

I aim to assist with challenges and life transitions by improving individual and system functioning.  Most challenges and life transitions typically involve and/or impact more than one person.  All of us are part of one or more interpersonal systems (i.e. current family, family of origin, extended family, workmates, roommates, religious community, social groups, etc).  These services aim to include or involve one or more people from these systems as appropriate, to the extent it is safe / possible to do so. 

Instead of just problem solving or focusing solely on symptom reduction, we also work to increase health by identifying lifestyle modifications that foster wellness and life balance.  Improving how we function improves the overall functioning the groups of people we live and work in.  

All services aim to increase stability, safety, and security both in our own lives and the lives of those around us.  A deficit in any of these areas will compound life challenges and sabotage life transitions.  Intentionally working to increase experiences of stability, safety, and security will help clients improve their current situation and prevent future problems down the road. 

When a potential client contacts me, I work with them to learn about their concerns and needs at this time.  I let them know which services might be most helpful and I craft a Service Plan that outlines a course of action to guide our work.  Service Plans are intended to evolve as new knowledge emerges, participants gain insight and skills, and the interpersonal system matures as a result of working through challenges and adjusting to life transitions.     

What services are offered?

 Click on the pictures below or the underlined text to learn more about each service.  

Counseling helps to identify and resolve the issues of the past so that they no longer continue to plague us moving forward.    

Coaching helps us clarify a desired path forward and provide the support and accountability needed to get there.

Education fills in knowledge and skills deficits so we can be happier, healthier, and higher functioning both personally and with others.  

Facilitation involves professional guidance to accomplish a specific task/objective more easily, efficiently and effectively.  

Mediation is a structured process to help resolve disputes and create formalized agreements that work for everyone involved.  

Parent Coordination assists parents in reducing conflict while following through with their own agreements and parenting plan processes.     

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If you always do what you've always done, 

you'll always get what you've always got.

-- Henry Ford