We can't help everyone, 

but everyone can help someone.

- Ronald Reagan

COEXISTUS was created to help people have higher functioning relationships that are safe and mutually beneficial.  As individuals in multiple relationship systems, we need to be responsible for our impact on others and work to be as safe and high functioning as possible so we can co-exist together, working with each other to get all our needs met rather than working against each other, fueling dysfunction, and driving those we care about away from us.  


COEXISTUS envisions a higher functioning society that makes it possible for all people to realize the benefits of living in safe, secure and stable interpersonal systems.  


COEXISTUS works to achieve this vision by providing a menu of services to help clients raise their own level of functioning by becoming more safe, secure and stable, which positively impacts all of their interpersonal relationships. 

I help people recognize their contribution to unproductive and dysfunctional interpersonal patterns, interrupt them, and learn to work with others instead of against them to intentionally set up more productive and functional processes and routines that better meet the needs of everyone involved, as established by mutual consent, for mutual benefit.  

I work to improve relationship dynamics (how people relate to each other) and strategically raise the level of functioning of the household or family system (how the members work together to meet everyone's needs) so that individually and collectively they can thrive.

Jodi Harvey, MA, QMHP

Owner/Operator of COEXISTUS, LLC

Jodi has worked in the personal development field since 1996.  She has a Bachelor's in Psychology and a Master's in Counseling.  

She is a registered associate with the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors.  

She has extensive training in domestic violence, anger management, high conflict co-parenting, mediation, facilitation, custody/parenting plan evaluations, parent coordination, wellness coaching, and various modes of counseling interventions and theoretical orientations.

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"Wear gratitude like a cloak, 

and it will feed every corner of your life." 

- Rumi