We will fail when we fail to try.

- Rosa Parks

Coaching is a confidential process that offers continuous skill development and ongoing support for individuals, couples, co-parents, families, and groups. It can be applied to various contexts such as wellness, parenting, life, co-parenting, and more. Rather than dwelling on the past, coaching focuses on the present and the future, using a strength-based approach to optimize health and wellbeing.

Coaching is a process that builds momentum towards a desired goal or life direction, fostering awareness, clarity, capacity, strengths, and motivation. The coaching process is client-centered, with clients determining their unique direction and goals. Coaches offer guidance, insight, and specific suggestions on how to achieve these goals. Coaches help clients recognize unhelpful patterns and beliefs that may fuel problems or conflict. They provide critical feedback, helping clients recognize and take responsibility for their contribution to current challenges. Many improvements can come from minor lifestyle modifications that have big pay offs. Coaching often includes input from other supportive people in the client's life for feedback, support, and accountability. This collaborative approach ensures a holistic and effective coaching experience. Coaching offers the support needed to implement durable changes for long term benefits.

Most services are conducted remotely via video conferencing. Session format depends upon where clients are located, current levels of hostility between clients, and general safety considerations.

The Honor Society

The Honor Society is an online membership community of individuals who have demonstrated ongoing resolve and pledged a commitment not to abuse others.  The most honorable role we can have in our relationships is to protect ourselves and others from harm.  The most honorable role is to be a Protector. The Honor Society supports that endeavor.  

Co-Working Sessions

A Co-Working Session is a structured opportunity to engage in focused work with support and encouragement from others online.  It involves an introduction followed by two or three parallel work sessions, check-ins and a wrap up.  These sessions aim to help participants improve focus on a specific goal/task, improve performance and facilitate accountability.  They are offered as a support to clients engaged in other services.  

Collaborative Divorce Coaching

A Collaborative Divorce Coach is the family transition specialist serving as a neutral member of a team of professionals conducting a collaborative divorce.  Their specific duties are negotiated on a case by case basis and outlined in the Collaborative Divorce Agreement.  Collaborative Divorce Coaches often perform the following roles:   

Co-Parent Communication Coaching

Co-Parents may elect to have their communication monitored in effort to help them improve how they communication with each other when having to work together to carry out their parenting plan or court ordered responsibilities. Parents who want to participate in communication coaching are required to utilize a co-parenting communication app that allows for third party professionals to have access to their communications.  Parents are trained on co-parent communication best practices and agree to uphold strict communication standards.  If a communication is violated, a parent can request that the coach reviews the specific interaction, the coach reviews the transcript, and as needed provides comments and feedback, requires corrective or reparative action, and imposes predetermined consequences as appropriate. 

Household Functioning Assessment w/ Coaching

The labor distribution in a household can be a constant source of tension between and amongst the people living there.  Whether you're living by yourself, with pets, with one roommate or several, with a significant other, with young children, teens or a young adult who has yet to launch, you can improve the quality of life for everyone involved when you deliberately sit down to assess where you are currently functioning as a household vs where you'd like to be.  When one person assumes too much responsibility, or the entire family over-accommodates for another's anxiety, or roles are imposed upon a others, resentment and dysfunction soon follow.  This service involves an initial assessment followed by ongoing coaching and support to help ensure that everyone involved is feeling a sense of belonging, contribution, peace of mind and peace at home. 

Monitoring of Scheduled Parenting Time and/or Parent-Child Communication with Pre and Post Session Parent Coaching

This service is a combination of parent coaching, parent education and monitored parent contact for co-parents who have scheduled parenting time and/or scheduled parent-child communication with their children.  We utilize the Nurturing Parenting curriculum promoted by the Supervised Visitation Network.  Based on the assessed needs of the family, parents and the parenting coach will work together and select competency based lessons from the curriculum to form an intervention that is customized to meet the specific needs of the particular family.  The parenting coach will address and document violations of the agreed upon protocol, the established standards of conduct, and the current court order if applicable. 

The parenting coach will remotely meet with a parent before that parent's scheduled parenting contact for 30 minutes of parent coaching and parent education.  The parenting coach will then remotely observe their contact with their child looking for opportunities to apply parenting skills, self-regulation, co-regulation and interpersonal connection while promoting safety, security and stability.  After the parent-child contact, the coach will debrief with the parent for about 25 minutes.  The parent will receive up to an hour of parent coaching and parent education and up to one hour of monitored parenting time each session.  

This service allows for children to have contact with both parents and for prevention efforts to occur that aim to increase the safety and security of the child and his/her parents.  It also provides proof that the scheduled sessions have occurred and that issues/concerns are documented and addressed as applicable.  This monitoring/coaching is not intended to go on indefinitely.  

Monitoring of Scheduled Exchanges w/ Pre and Post Exchange Parent Coaching

This service is a combination of parent coaching, parent education and monitoring for co-parents who have difficulty setting up and carrying out the peaceful, non-eventful exchange of the children between households.  The Parenting Coach will check-in with the parent whose parenting time is beginning for 15 minutes prior to the scheduled exchange occurring, remotely monitor the exchange, and then immediately after the exchange, check in for 15 minutes with the parent whose parenting time has endedThe parenting coach will address and document violations of the agreed upon exchange protocol, the established standards of conduct, and the current court order if applicable.        

This service enables children to have consistent contact with both parents.  The service increases the likelihood that the exchange will be child focused and occur as scheduled.  It also provides proof that the exchanges have occurred and that issues and concerns are addressed and documented as needed.  This monitoring/coaching is not intended to go on indefinitely.  

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